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JLN Marketing

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Where Passion Meets Precision,

Crafting Your Story to Perfection

Welcome to JLN Marketing! Founded by Jessica Nelson, JLN Marketing commenced its journey in 2018, initially sparked by a profound love for homes and design. This passion was deeply influenced by countless hours watching HGTV, where the transformative power of storytelling within unique spaces captivated Jessica. With a vision to marry her interests in marketing and design across various sectors, Jessica pursued and achieved degrees in Advertising and Photography from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Her academic journey equipped her with the essential skills to emphasize the distinctiveness of any project through engaging visuals and narratives.

JLN History

JLN Marketing is rooted in core values of hard work, competitiveness, and unwavering dedication. The agency firmly believes that passion trumps talent, guiding their mission to achieve remarkable results for a diverse clientele. While the agency began with a focus on real estate marketing, leveraging Jessica's expertise in photography and videography to uniquely showcase properties, it has evolved. Today, JLN Marketing has expanded its horizons to offer broad marketing solutions across various industries. The team specializes in crafting content that uncovers the distinct narratives and allure of each project, enabling clients to resonate with their audience and broaden their market impact.

At JLN Marketing, the commitment is towards not just showcasing the unique aspects of each client's brand but towards a holistic approach to marketing. By strategically planning and executing dynamic, captivating content, JLN Marketing ensures a vibrant and engaging presence for its clients across all platforms. The agency's evolution from specializing in real estate to embracing a wide array of marketing challenges demonstrates its adaptability and breadth of expertise, ready to meet the diverse needs of today's dynamic market landscapes.


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